Animal Bow Tie Denim Dog Harness

Animal Bow Tie Denim Dog Harness

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Blue denim harness with statement animal print bow tie & lining with quality black adjustable strap and matching buckle.

The harness is fully lined with soft internal padding to ensure comfort and shape maintenance.

A walking leash can be attached to the sturdy metal ring at the back neck to allow your pet to walk with ease and comfort.

Please note each product is handmade therefore will have some slight variation making the item unique.

Available Sizes:

-Suitable for small dogs under 1kg
-Neck size: 17cm
-Chest size: 24cm-32cm

-Suitable for small dogs under 2kg
-Neck size: 25cm
-Chest size: 32cm-42cm

-Suitable for small dogs between 2-5kg
-Neck size: 32cm
-Chest size: 38cm-48cm

LARGE (Hachi wears this size)
-Suitable for small/medium dogs between 5-10kg
-Neck size: 41cm
-Chest size: 48cm-66cm

-Suitable for medium dogs between 10-15kg
-Neck size: 46cm
-Chest size: 60cm-78cm

For measuring tips, see our Sizing page for more detail.

100% Cotton
Handwash only and air dry.